My name is Ivan Jessen, and I am the owner of Padborg Courier Transport, which is located in Padborg. The company was established in August ’06, and since then, it has slowly developed.
Any company that serve large industries, can sometimes need a courier transport to fulfil their obligations towards the costumer.
The company ”Padborg Courier Transport” is exclusively based on immediate jobs, both nationally and internationally. This means that we do not have any distribution-alike jobs that prevents quick turnout.
We also have a good network in the rest of Europe, so if something must be collected, and we can’t get it in time ourselves, our network can help us. This is a service that many costumers have known the value of.

Our van weights under 3500kg and is therefore not implied to driver-resting rules. The van and the company are insured at IF-insurance, and are insured for “Driving with goods due to payment”. Besides this, we have the internationally valid CMR-insurance.


Ivan Jessen
Padborg Kurer Transport
Grydehøjvej 28
6330 Padborg
CVR.: 29683603
Tlf. +45 20133897